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Apple’s iPad and the Future of Tablets

Once upon a time, there was Apple’s Newton. It was so advanced and expensive that consumers… hmm… trashed it. Then the market moves on. Apple’s iPad brought us back to the world of tablets where every single techno-titan such as Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Fujitsu tried to saturate with their convertible laptops and failed. Yes, those companies sold only a few …

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Asus to Launch Netbook with Built-in ODD

Asustek, the first company to conquer the sub notebook market with its Eee 700 netbook is about to launch another Eee brand netbook with built-in optial disc drive (ODD). The E1004DN will be the first netbook to be equipped with an ODD and will be priced around $531-590. This may be quite odd as this machine is already encroaching the …

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Asus Unveiled Eee 1000HE Netbook (Update)

One thing that separates Asus from other netbook manufacturers is the longer battery life. The first netbooks they made were able to last around 7 hours or more. Compared that to MSI’s U90x which poorly reached a quarter of it, around 2 hours. Now comes another netbook to satisfy your power efficiency requirement, the Eee 1000HE equipped with new Intel …

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Asus Eee Phone Coming

New York Times interviewed Asus chairman and he revealed details about the upcoming phone that Asus is releasing. According to the report, Asus will extend the EEE brand to smartphones soon according to Jonney Shih, Asus Chairman. “That EEE phone may become an interactive control,” he explained. “The whole digital network is the key.” No technical details has been given …

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