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Online Petition to Release Windows 7

Have you tried Windows 7 already? If you have then you’re probably one of those satisfied with the performance of the new Microsoft operating system and are eager to have the final build anytime soon. Well unfortunately, Microsoft told us that Windows 7 might only be available late 2009 or early 2010.

But there might be a way to speed up the release of Windows 7 by joining an online petition. Kelly Poe of Tennessee has a petition up online and is campaigning for Microsoft to “let the beautiful little birdy fly.”

I’m a BIG Windows™ fan and have been loving what Microsoft™ has done with the recent Beta Release of Windows 7™. There have been so many great reviews from people like Leo Laporte (, TWIT Podcast) and Paul Thurrott (, Windows Weekly podcast), needless to say I’m jones’n for the release of Windows 7™.

So here we are…let’s join together and get Micorsoft™ to release Windows 7™…enough with this Beta stuff…release it already!!! Let the beautiful little birdy (with the odd name) fly!!!

Windows 7 is probably the most talked about new software this year and early reviews of the beta have suggested that the new os is almost ready and is very much stable. There were already test reports of using Windows 7 Beta on netbooks and its faster than Vista.

You may join the petition by visiting this site

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