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Mobius Philippines, publisher of MU Online popular to pinoys is gearing for another major launch of a new extreme MMORPG Dekaron Online. It is a game developed by GameHI of South Korea and was adopted by Acclaim and named it 2Moons.

Dekaron – Coming to the Philippines

Mobius Philippines, publisher of MU Online popular to pinoys is gearing for another major launch of a new extreme MMORPG – Dekaron Online.  It is a game developed by GameHI of South Korea and was adopted by Acclaim and named it 2Moons.

Dekaron is designed for hardcore gamers and might not be suited for younger children as it features violent gameplay.  The game boasts of realistic environment and explosive adventure making it like you are watching a fast-paced action movie.

Mobius Games is inviting pinoy gamers to join the closed beta testing of the game. You may sign-up at for your account.  Dekaron will be open for South-East Asia gamers.

Game Story

A war lasting for millennia!

A destiny to fullfill!

In a world enlightened by two moons the battle between light and darkness is about to start, which one will you pursue?

Kalizio the Wise has awakened an ancient evil: Karon, the demon lord and his deadly horde of monsters have been summoned! The gates have been opened, but no one, not even Kalizio himself could control them. In a final struggle to protect the human race he gave his life to seal Karon once more.But from his exile the evil overlord is now aware of the existence of the world of Trieste, and his deadly grasp is about to close on the hearts of innocent people!

It’s a time of darkness, It’s a time of war. The few survived humans have to rally and to erect a defence against the rising evil.Weapons, magic, arcane disciplines… anything will be used in the final battle that will decide the destiny of Trieste!

The time for DEKARON, the ultimate resistance against the sealed demon, has come: are you ready to answer the call?


Dekaron features 6 races to choose from.  Each classes offers various benefits and drawbacks, as well as access to different weapon, ability, and spell trees. Unlike several other MMORPGs, there exist no races; the only character differentiation is through class.

  • Azure Knights are well balanced melee fighters, known for their excellent combat skills and strong power within the ranks of Gaia Empire.
  • Sagita Hunters are swift archers with hawk-eyes and lightning reflexes. Their long ranged attacks and animal-like agility are known all over the land.
  • Incar Magicians are the guards of Gaia empire trained to call upon the power of elements.
  • Vicious Summoners became experts in using evil to fight evil! They control monsters to help the human race in the battle against Karon itself.
  • Segnales combine their deadly whip attacks with various magical curses and healing spells, being effective healers as much as trained fighters.
  • Bagi Warriors are giant-sized ravaging fighters, relaying on their brute force and strong resilience to bring devastation within the enemy lines.


Subscription Method

What I can only say is that Dekaron might be a Free to Play game based just like what is offered in North America and Europe.  Item mall will be offered though.  Mobius haven’t announced yet the detail of subscription to play this game.

System Requirement

You should meet the minimum system requirements to run Dekaron.

512 MB RAM
GeForce MX Video card
Sound card
DirectX 9.0c or above
Broadband Internet Connection

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  1. wow nice game…. nalaro ko na yan sa international … os ngayun meron d2 sa ph. lalar oako nyan !!
    nice graphics.. astig mga skills…
    pati gameplay…

  2. Cool.. I think this is a nice game.. Astig ng graphics! I’ll play this game pagnag Open Beta na.. Can’t wait for it.. 😀

  3. This surely brings the local competition into new heights!

  4. Excited na nga rin akong laruin ito eh. Ang question na lang eh kailan magsisimula ang CBT.

  5. Hmmm… 2moons? Grabe ang panget ng larong ito. Paano ko nasabi yun? Oo, sa umpisa maganda sya pero habang nagtatagal mababagot ka na rin dito sa larong ito. Parang “Cabal Online” sa umpisa maganda sya pero habang nagtatagal mawawalan kana ng ganang laruin dahil halos magkaparehas lang yang dalawa na yan. describe ko 2moons. 2moons parang Cabal,Tantra,MU, ganyan ko madedescribe yang laro na yan. Kung nagandahan kayo sa tatlong yan sure na mag eenjoy kayo dya. Pero para sa akin isa itong aksaya sa panahon. Maglalaro na lang ako ng pacman kesa ito laruin ko dahil sobrang Panget nitong laro na to para sa akin. in short. Don’t waste your time playing this game ^_^

  6. Kamusta na mga CBT tester ano na balita? Tama ba ako na walang kwenta ang laro na yan?

  7. well naglalaro ako nyan ngayon ng US version pero bot nga lang minsan lang ako nagmamanual 😛
    ayos lang naman ang game na yan.

  8. Hi this is rob from the MMRPG Network.
    Found your blog and thought it would be a great place to have a review done for our newest game,
    The MMRPG network is pretty big and and can offer you valuable back links in exchange for your review of our game. Please let me know if this is something that would interest you. I am only approaching you because of the high quality of your blog,

    Nice Work!

  9. @Robert Jones
    We’d be very much interested to review your game. We at are very enthusiastic about any game that our readers might enjoy. Please send us your details at [email protected] so we can discuss further. Thanks!

  10. wow!!! can’t wait to play this game!!! i think this game is better then RAN or CABAL.. no bots? play fair? or be banned! LOL

  11. @ Elmer
    As long as there are no bots, that’s what makes an MMO great. yokyokyok

  12. @Robert Jones

    I can be a tester player for your game if you want me to criticize your game. And i can review your games too… Just leave a message if you want my help.

  13. 2moons may account me nito sa us lvel 95 summuner…bakit ang mobius pa ang kuha nito ka badtrip mag pa bayad nanaman yan…last yr pa to nag start ang hirap mag pa lvel up dto pero ok lang ang game na to…
    ang ang pk system nila kay sa cabal….
    no bot pero vack hack is the worst and ttp heheheh..

  14. kelan mg o-open beta…m xcited to play the game again…

  15. Open Beta na ang Dekaron. Just create your account, download the game and play 😉

  16. Dekaron is a nice game.. Sana free to play to forever. Sa tingin nyo magkakaroon dn kaya ng load to pag nagtagal? Sana nman hndi.. An dami na kasi naming naglalaro nito or else balik ulit me sa Perfect world.

  17. Depends on the company running it kapatid. At times they prefer item mall type of business model others prefer prepaid subscription. Let’s just hope it will be item mall so it will be free to play forever.

  18. may load ba to?
    kasi di na ako makapag laro ehhhh

    answer naman please!!!!

  19. Dekaron does not require you to load to play the game. Dekaron is Free to play supported by in-game shop like Hypermart in Ragnarok.

    So its up to you to load para makabili ng mga extra items or not then stay ka lang sa items na ma acquire mo sa monster.

  20. hi there.

    visiting you from davao…

    btw, care to xlink?:D

  21. anu maganda b tlaga laro n 2? o hacks at cheats ba d2…kasi karamihan ng games meron…

  22. waaa pano magREGISTER?? waaaaa

  23. you may register your Dekaron account at Mobius site

  24. paano makapag download ng DEKARON games, pls reply…

  25. You can click on the link provided on the article and look around for how to download the game.

  26. hello pls download the dekaron

  27. ayawmag log-in nung aking 2moons

  28. paano kaya?????????????????????????

  29. aw ano po website sa dekaron

  30. @wawang

    here’s the official website of Dekaron Philippines

  31. hello pow
    pano po ba mag register sa dekaron2

  32. @amaho

    sa official website ng Dekaron Philippines ka maaaring mag register ng account mo.

    Follow this link to reach the official website

    Ito rin ang link para makapag register ka ng Dekaron account mo:

  33. panu ba i download yan?
    lalaro ako^_^

  34. Anu ba max lvl sa dekaron?

  35. pde q b laruin to a japan,,connected sa pinas..nsa japan poh kse q ehh..

  36. ellow..Quiting n aku ngaun sa DEKARON SEA.. KUNG gus2 nyu buy character ku d2….Email nyu aq
    [email protected]..

    char ku pala AZURE KNIGHT LVL 85 with item…

  37. gling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ganda ng grapics

  38. hahahaha ang ganda n2ng dekaron
    mas magnda pa ito kaysa MU

  39. bakit ang hirap mag register sa dekaron

  40. wow!!!!
    lupet tlga ng dekaron….

  41. anu poh ba ung cs sa dekaron!!!

  42. pano magregister ng dekaron

  43. why po ung dekaron_sea ayw skin san po pwede ma download ung gumagana ????

  44. please pO san pO pwede IdownloAd???paki SAbi nmn pO….xD hehe Ty pO

  45. nice game!! ganda talga panoorin!! hope dami kami maglaro…. jejeje:D

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