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Rohan Online Philippines Preview

“Bawal ang Pikon” seems to be the best phrase to warn adventuring players who wish to try Rohan Online: Blood Feud. Ano pa nga ba naman ang aasahan mo, once you reach level 30 its a do or die battle all over the place as Rohan’s main feature is Player vs. Player (PVP).

Players will be engaged in PVP through various ways such as 1 on 1 fight, guild battles, and township battles but player killing (PK) will be unlocked at level 30.

Rohan Online: Blood Feud will be published by the largest local game distributor Level Up! Philippines (LU). LU announced the game since late last year during the LU Live 2008 together with Hello Kitty Online and Emir Chronicles Online.

“Rohan Online is Level Up! Games’ latest adventure into the Philippine MMORPG scene. In essence, Rohan Online is a hardcore Player versus Player (PvP) MMORPG – it’s PvP anywhere, anytime, past level 30! This, in addition to Rohan’s many unique features such as the Revenge System, Township Battle System, and Exchange Market promise to create the best hardcore gaming experience available locally.”

LU touted Rohan Online as their best game yet to be released this 2009 and hoping to excite the gaming community with its hardcore-themed gameplay and exceptional graphical effects. No wonder you need a decent graphics card and a hefty system memory to run this new game.


Aside from adventuring and killing monsters, Rohan Online allows you to strike any player you see in game provided both of you are at least level 30.

Players who kill you will be included into your hit list. all 50 killers will be added automatically and whenever you want your revenge then you can just activate their name and you will be teleported right next to him for you to deal your strike. Ambush to max na ito hehe because you can attack your killer while he’s alone and low in resources.

Kaya ngayon nakaganti ka na at pinag-tatawanan mo ang pinatay mo, actually that doesn’t end there. That player may still teleport back to you together with a party! Pare pwede magsama ng party dito haha. The Player can bring along a party or even the whole guild for revenge until eventually this simple feud becomes massive. This feature is called Vengeance System and for sure your gonna love it grrawww!

Township Battle

You want a bigger battle? Rohan Online features Township Battle similar to Perfect World’s Territorial Battle wherein your guild may engage other guilds in battle inside a pre-defined map. Whoever wins the battle gets the town you select. You will be able to govern a town you occupy and will have the opportunity to impose tax on everyone who utilize resources in it until other guilds successfully defeat you in the next Township Battle over the town you occupy. Township Battles are scheduled once each week.

Legal Trade

Finally you are able to trade your in-game currency, rare loots, expensive gears and even your account through Exchange Center.

First ever in the Philippines, Rohan Online will give its players the chance to sell their items, in-game currency, and even their characters through a secure web-based system. Now, you can avoid being scammed because the web system ensures that an actual item is being sold.


Rohal features 6 classes to choose from. Each class is what we commonly see in other games but two distinct classes are set to change gameplay – the Dhan and Dekan.

Dhans and Dekans are created with one prime objective: to kill you! Both of them can transform into a monster which for you maybe a normal monster to level with. But beware since they are actually players disguised as monsters, they are smarter, tougher, and unpredictable. Didn’t I tell you this game is more on PVP!? Kaya wag kang basta-basta titira ng monster at baka bigla magsalita yan ng “asa!”.

  • Human (Knight) – Created by the God Hand, humans are perfectly suited for the role of knight. Being a tank by absorbing enemy damage to keep fellow players alive portrays the actions of a human in this game. These brute warriors seem to be in the center of battles due to their incredible defense and their determination to fight for what they believe in. This could be why humans are one of the races in the round table.
  • Elf (Healer) – Proficient and gentle souled, elves are your center source of recovery, defense and vitality in Rohan. Especially in parties, elves assists party members with healing and protection. But don’t be fooled, a fury of ranged magic attacks can be unleashed when alone. These elves are one of the three races in the peace assured round table.
  • Half Elf (Archer) – These masters of bow/crossbows are the offspring of both humans and elves. From being shunned by their forefathers, half elves or halflings, resorted in forests where they became the ultimate hunters. Able to be used in parties or solo, this race’s accuracy is unmatched. Using magic in some of their attacks, half elves eventually joined the peace assured round table and accepted by the humans and elves.
  • Dhan (Assassin) – First lead by the prophet Haillok, Dhans, one of six races in the game, are a unique and special breed. They can choose to become anonymous killers who prey on other players for experience, this is called the assassination mode. However, they cannot party with others or join quests while in this mode, nor can they be identified by their victims for revenge. Dhans are renegade assassins that generally operate alone, and will kill at every opportunity.[6]
  • Dekan (Dragon Fighter) – Originally stationed at the borders of the countries by Ohn to prevent any cultures from blending, the Dekans defy nature. Clashing with Dhans in the Bahran islands, made the Dekans mass their strength and increase their power. Usually fighting alone, the Dekan race may transform into a dragon, use a blood sucking ability or attack large area’s of land, Dekans are found to be a lone powerhouse.
  • Dark Elf (Mage) – Mysterious and cautious about their self-defense, Dark Elves use a series of powerful magic attacks. Not much is known about the dark elves but their transportation and weakening powers are well known around Rohan. Excelling in group battles, Dark elves have the ability to kill an enemy before it reach’s them. Although not much is known, Dark elves have a strong despise for the human and elf race. This races main goal seems to be to drive the elves and humans out of their land.

System Requirements

Rohan Online requires a decent system configuration. Kung hanggang Ragnarok Online lang ang configuration mo then think before playing this game or you may end up frustrated by graphics stuttering especially during Township Battle.

OS: Windows 2000 SP 4, Windows 98 SE
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz, AMD Sempron 2.0 Ghz
Memory: 512 MB
Graphics: GeForce FX, Radeon 9600; 128 MB
Sound: AC ’97 compatible
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Hard Disk: 6 GB

OS: Windows XP SP 2, Windows 2003 SP 2
CPU: Intel Pentium D 915 (2.8 Ghz), AMD Athlon64-X2 3800 (2.0 Ghz)
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: GEForce 6×00, Radeon x600; 256 MB
Sound: AC ’97 compatible
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Hard Disk: 6 GB

Kaya mo pa ba? Tandaan mo, sa Rohan Online bawal ang pikon!

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