Wednesday , 14 April 2021
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Opera Teases Tablet-Compatible Browser

Not that I’m obviously biased towards Opera browser but am happy to show you another category of browser that the Norweigian company is about to introduce. Comes Opera for tablet! Opera is teasing us with their new browser designed specifically for tablets. The video below demonstrates how fluid and smooth scrolling and zooming on Samsung Galaxy Tab. Recently, Opera introduces …

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IE9 Previewed at PDC09

Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Live division president Steven Sinofsky yesterday previewed Internet Explorer 9 at the Professional Developer’s Conference. Sinofsky showed IE9 to attendees, an early build, and explaining that this version of the browser will focus on support for new standards like HTML5 and CSS3, as well as developing a faster JavaScript rendering engine. According to Sinofsky, IE9 will …

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Opera Updates Browser to 9.63

Opera Software ASA today released another update for its flagship product – Opera Browser. The new browser is now on version 9.63. Security fixes is the main reason for releasing this update therefore they are encouraging all users to download the update on Opera’s website to safeguard you from malicious code that lurk the web. Issues fixed and changes by …

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Opera 10 Alpha 1 Build Excite Fans

I recieved an RSS feed from Opera Development Team informing that Alpha 10 of Opera Browser is now available for download on their website. ┬áThe new Alpha boasts new features and standards including scoring a perfect score 100/100 at ACID3 test. Features so far for the Alpha 10 are as follows: Presto 2.2 Engine Performance boost 100/100 and pixel-perfect on …

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Opera 9.62 Fixes High Security Issue

Opera Software released a patch for their Opera browser which fixes two high security issues. First security issue which were marked Extreme Severe is related to history search which could be used to execute arbitrary code, as discovered by Aviv Raff. When certain parameters are passed to Opera’s History Search, they can cause content not to be correctly sanitized. This …

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Opera Browser 9.60 Beta 1

Opera will not sit idly wathching Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla boasts their upcoming browsers. Today Opera Software released Opera 9.60 Beta 1 with new and improved features that will make it stay competitive against well funded competitors.

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