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Diablo 3 Art Director Resigns

8.8.2008 Brian Morrisroe, the art director for Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo III, has resigned from the company. Blizzard has stated that Morrisroe is resigning to form a startup company that is not related to the gaming industry. They also assure the fans of Diablo that this, in no way, will affect the game’s art direction and that they are very pleased …

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Blizzard’s Angle on Diablo 3

07.02.08 A few days after Blizzard announced its new game Diablo 3, we see in the FAQ a few notable things regarding the new release. First, it will run on both Directx 9 and Directx 10.1. Did you guys read that? Directx 10.1. Not Directx 10. Nvidia (makers of the popular Geforce cards) does not support 10.1 only version 10. …

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Diablo 3 confirmed! Blizzard leaving clues!?!?

At last! After years of waiting, Diablo 3 is finally in development! If you're a gamer, hardcore or otherwise, you'll probably remember the Diablo titles that shook the RPG world and put a whole new twist to the genre! Dark dank corridors, fiery pits, grotesque hallways are but a few lingering images we all have of the first two games. These memories still bring my urge back to play those games years after they've gone out of style.

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