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Review: Final Fantasy III DS

I have been an avid fan of Final Fantasy ever since I was in grade III. The game play, graphics, characters, story line and even BGMs are the things that keeps me glued in front of the television for a long period of time. Halos hindi na nga ako makatulog sa kakahintay ng bukas para lang makalaro ulit. Nevertheless I know that SquareEnix have extended their creative minds and brought Final Fantasy into a brand new level, NDS style.

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III of NDS revolves around four orphans who were chosen by the crystals to bring light into their world. Final Fantasy III offers the classic turn by turn battles just like the other Final Fantasy. The game also offers some features similar to that of Final Fantasy Tactics wherein you can assign a specific job for your characters. Some jobs found in the game ranges from the ever famous Black Mage who cast deadly spells to the White Mages who focus on restorative aspects. What good is a Final Fantasy without the ever famous and known CHOCOBO. Chocobo are some kind of transportation known in every Final Fantasy game and without them, you can never say that the game is Final Fantasy.

Graphics offered by Final Fantasy III are still the same quality offered by other Final Fantasy games. They also have some movie scenes where you can enjoy the one of a kind artistic style of SquareEnix. Their in game graphics will never leave you bored to death.

Game play however disappoints me since it is on DS I kind of expected a unique game play offered by the NDS Touch Screen. The game can be played by either with the press of the button or using the stylus. You can use your stylus to pinpoint where you want your characters to go and have them open up treasure chests or talk to people just by tapping the screen with the use of the stylus.

The usual leveling applies to this Final Fantasy since every time you encounter some enemies and defeat them you gain a specific amount of experience which will help your character grow as the game progresses. Different monsters can be encountered either outside the world map or a normal dungeon.

BGM is one of Final Fantasy’s never changing features. They offer BGMs that will be suited in the area or scene where you are playing. Maganda naman ung BGMs nila kaso nakakasawa ng pakinggan kapag nagtagal.

Why would you keep playing this game you asked? First of all using your stylus to kick some monsters behind is quite cool enough. In addition to that, there are a wide variety of jobs you can try out for each character. Try to explore the potentials of every job and make your team a devastating force to reckon with. Wouldn’t it be fun to use/try on every job and defeat those pesky enemies of yours over and over again? If you are looking for a classic Final Fantasy game with some twist, then this game is for you.

Credits: Francis Salenga – writer

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