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Every game is worth playing, in any way desirable. Believe it or not, the creators of the game wouldn’t even spend a huge load of effort if they think their own game applications aren’t even worth the attention.

The gaming industry’s market nowadays is expanding dramatically, just look back to the time when we were still using our crusty old family computer consoles (Nintendo Famicom)  and even the so-called brick games. In the present times, the gaming has evolved much from its humble roots, proudly boasting various technologies and features so as to cater to the typical gamer’s fantasy of having a worthwhile and excellent playing experience he/she will hardly forget.

The RagnaBarkadahan! (RBK) Staff believes that games are not only pieces of technology or merely a genre, but rather a more convenient and friendlier means of connecting various players within a single common ground – the gaming world. We also believe that there is more to simply being hooked on a single online game, the same game that bound us for years now. The same game that made us meet acquaintances and also provided us with a sense of camaraderie. And with this in mind, we think that it is now time for us to expand and reach out to other aspects of gaming – other online MMORPGs, latest games, game consoles, gamer reviews, new features, new game markets, new strategies, game walkthroughs and most especially – new gamers. Overall, a new and more exciting area of discussions for the gamer’s mindset!

The new community project of RBK, Pinoy Gaming Network Forums ( will now focus primarily on mainstream gaming and real-life discussions aside from Ragnarok matters. In lieu of this, the new forums will have improved content format to better suit the Pinoy gamers’ needs and new features that you peeps definitely have to watch out for!

Worrying about another registration hassle? There is no need to re-register! Simply log in with your current RBK Forums’ usernames and passwords and you’re done!

RagnaBarkadahan! Forums will still be there to accommodate your RO queries and discussions though.

The migration will take effect full blast this coming 1st or 2nd week of August. The forum is currently in its BETA phase and some reconstruction and modifications are being done.

For any comments and suggestions, please feel free to post them here. Come join us in a new, exciting page of gaming!

About Pinoy Gaming Network

Pinoy Gaming Network aims to foster and develop a community of Pinoy gamers for all gaming platforms. The content of this website focuses on the Pinoy point of view on games.  Articles are written in Taglish to further inject the Pinoy perspective and character.

For the new Pinoy Gaming Network
RagnaBarkadahan! Administrative Team

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Jerico Vilog

Also known as Salleh. Mostly playing Philippine Ragnarok Online: Valhalla Server. Working as web developer for Hangad I.T. Solutions.

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