IndiaRO To Merge with PhilippinesRO !

Oh my golly gosh! (sounds very unmanly) We were caught off guard by this news just recently posted in the inRO website. Apparently the merger is on it way and the work to pave the way for it has been going on under our noses for 2 weeks now!

Hold on to your horses Ragnaholics this is going to be a very very rough ride. I’ve played in cross country gaming servers before and it does entail a lot of challenges. Mas mahirap pa nga ata ito dahil sa ibang international servers, nagsimula nang ganun. Eh ito, ipagpipilitang ipagsama!

That’s a big part but they’re not done yet. Apparently even Ragnaboards is merging with indiaRagnaboards. There are too many questions to ask! What about the moderators? Ingame, what about customer support? Are we going to talk to the Indians now or do we still retain the old (at sobrang kulang kulang) customer support?

As mentioned in the website, the details are still sketchy but hell, it IS going to happen. Good luck to all of us!

On a lighter note, at least we can make new friends from across the seas. Or, new siege enemies for that matter. I just hope and pray it won’t go as rough as I imagine it.



P.S.: Mga kapatid, mag aral na tayo lahat mag ingles ng maayos. Baka di tayo magkaintindihan gugulo ito. yokyokyok

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  1. That’s if it merges with Valhalla..
    Anyway I’d love to have them in Valhalla. Pang international ang Valhalla, kung ganun. Hehehe.

  2. its already official, inRO LU already announced that inRO chaos will be merged to pRO Valhalla.

    im just worried with valhalla’s economy. inRO will be inject tremendous amount of zeny which will drive prices higher.

    i heard that Pole Axe in inRO cost 500m as against to 40m in valhalla, got the point?

  3. Language barrier will be a very difficult problem. Lalo na at mostly eh english-carabao tayo kadalasan.

    And yeah, the economy, the standings, moderators sa RB boards everything. Madami ang apektado, and tingin ko magiging drastic ang changes.

  4. Indians? Hmmm…I speak Hindi too. Dubai is populated with 70% indians. LOL But for sure maraming jologs na indians.

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