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Grand chase is the first real-time fighting game that will be released in Philippine market. It features quest, dungeon raids and PVP match-up. PVP in Grand Chase can hold up to 6 players to compete simultaneously against each other! Just imagine how exciting this game will be while fighting with other players online.

Grand Chase – Action Packed MMORPG by Level Up!

Level Up! (LU), the Philippines’ biggest MMOG publisher, is releasing one more action packed MMOG this October titled Grand Chase.  This is the second game released by Level Up! this year after Crazy Kart.

Grand chase is one of the first real-time fighting games being released in Philippine market.  It features quests, dungeon raids and PVP match-ups.  PVP in Grand Chase can hold up to 6 players to compete simultaneously against each other!  Just imagine how exciting this game will be while fighting with other players online.

Controlling your character will be much like what you are accustomed to your favorite fighting games plus the ability to customize it.

Bored with your basic character? Play more to reach the level required to advance in 2nd or 3rd grade fighter! Grand Chase is like your typical MMORPG game such as Ragnarok Online which you are rewarded by having the ability to job change.  Advanced fighting skills and abilities can be unlocked when you reach the right level.

Grand Chase offers two types of fighting modes: 3:3 Team Play and and Survival Mode.

You can build your own team and compete against another team in 3:3 Team Play.  It’s actually not required that you fill all 3 slots but having a complete roster in your team is much more enjoyable.  You may still challenge other players in 1 versus 1 mode though.

Survival Mode is like Royal Rumble in wrestling.  It’s an all-out-war against 5 other players and you need to be the remaining player standing to win the game.

Grand Chase will be free to play game but will be supported by an in-game shop that will require you to top-up game cards to be able to purchase customized skills, abilities and avatars.

Heads up at Grand Chase official website to register for closed beta and download the client.

System Requirements:

Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista
Intel Pentium III 800 MHz or AMD equivalent
256MB minimum required for 98, 2000 and XP while 512MB RAM for Windows Vista
GeForce4 MX440 or compatible
DirectX 7.0 or above
2.5 GB free hard disk space
Broadband internet connection

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Also known as Salleh. Mostly playing Philippine Ragnarok Online: Valhalla Server. Working as web developer for Hangad I.T. Solutions.


  1. So, it’s like Rakion, but for kids?

  2. It’s sort of like Rakion but on the 2D side. If you’re fond of fighting games this might be more for you than Rakion.

  3. Rakion is a good game but im dissapointed in joining a room. Its too hard to join a room where your ping is synchonized with other players.

  4. kuya Salleh, when po opening of closed beta this October? ;o;

  5. Hi Jann, Grand Chase will start its CBT on October 14 as confirmed by GM Cassiel yesterday. Binigyan na nga ako ng 10 CBT accounts to distribute.

  6. why i cannot download the game client in levelup? plsssssssssssss why?

  7. No , its not like Rakion game. GrandChase is a 2.5 D side scrooling MMOG. This game is like GunBound but with diff engine, GC chacs fights monsters, completes dungeon and fights another players in a PVP match in a 2.5D setting like maple story with diff a concept.

    Its another alternative casual game for those Hardcore MMORPG gamers who wants to take some rest from their usual MMORPG grindfest.

    You can also check out KOG latest side scrolling game called Elsword, its a 3D concept, GC gameplay with taller characters.

  8. bat wala parin ata Grand Chase?

  9. Grand Chase will begin its beta test in a few days. We’ll be giving away Grand Chase beta keys during the Ragnarok World Championships event in World Trade Center on October 18-19.

  10. sooo…. Sir David, di pa OL ngaun ang Grand Chase??? sabay sya sa Ragnarok World Championship?

  11. Yup yup! Open Beta tests will start soon.

  12. ano ung CBT?????

  13. CBT is Close Beta Test. ito yung stage na kung saan limited number of players lang ang makakapag laro ng game para mag test at maghanap ng bugs.

    Most often, ang mga CBT accounts ay binubura din once ready na mag move sa Open Beta Test (OBT) ang game.

  14. ask lang po.. anu po ibig sabhihin pag an nakalagay sa patch “this game does not support your 3D g”? anu po gagawin para run ung game? tnx po sa 2long..^^

  15. supported ng Grand Chase ang graphics from Nvidia Geforce MX series to the latest and ATI 9200 series and up.

    Im not sure with S3 savage series and other built-in video by intel and Via.

    What’s your current video card by the way?

  16. xcuse me but where can i dowload grand chase since somethings wrong with the link in the website

  17. Hi Arnold Hernando.

    you may download Grand Chase client at

    its confirmed working as i first test it before i post my answer here.

    if you are still having problem then may i know if you leave outside the philippines? i think Levelup restrict their files to be only available for philippine region.

  18. sir….pwede mo malaman kung kelan ung open beta ng grand chase? medyo excited na rin kc ako heheh

  19. later itatanong ko sa brand manager ng grand chase ang start ng openbeta. hindi ka ba nakakalaro sa closebeta? if you need a CBT account for Grand Chase then i text mo ko sa fone ko 0929-8472216. meron pa akong 8 CBT accounts dito na pwede ipamigay.

  20. bro any news? hehe

  21. No word yet from the publisher. But we’ll be giving away CBT accounts in a short while. We’re just working out the mechanics.

  22. tapos na ba ang close beta??? @[email protected]

  23. yep Jann, Grand Chase CBT is officially over and is now preparing for Open Beta this coming November 4 🙂

    Check this article for more info

  24. oohhh…. thx po, lamats lamats~ yes, sa November 4 na.

  25. di yan pinoy! Bulok yan gaya gaya ito website namin first pinoy made online game masmaganda pa robot fighting action game.

    Pare! Tangkilikin ang pinoy!

  26. madami sya bug kasi minadali. kasi 2 years ago lang yan at ginaya ang banguangmania. madami bug pati nga client nila hindi madownload eh ambaho kasi koreano gumawa. pinoy ang tangkilikin.

  27. kuya bakit pag nilalagay ko card pin ko tska card number may sinasabi “invalid password” pero nka log in nmn me

  28. @ian, most likely may mali sa card pin or card number na nilalagay mo kaya nagkakaron ng invalid password. hindi ito dahil sa account password mo.

    try mo siguruhing tama ang isinusulat mong card details 😉

  29. y cant i download client at the official web site
    btw im in sg =X

  30. Hi phatzaza, you can’t download Grand Chase Philippine client from Level Up official download site because they only put restriction to only allow philippine-based IP connection.

  31. kua dinouble check ko n po
    tinriple pa nga eh
    pero lumalabas tlga
    invalid password

  32. pa ask po.. bakit hindi ako makalog-in sa grandchase , nag create na ako new account then hindi parin makalog-in … why why why

  33. why lang… why why why… d muna nalaman sagot nun…

  34. hi po.. . bt alang GC ngayon???

    (feb 15)


  35. kua panu mbilisan mag + necklace sa grandchase?

  36. wow very nice the grand chase because the characters is so cute

  37. bkit wlang crazy kart site d2 sa amin??? smart bro gamit namin bigla nlang nawala bigla nio nmn ng pansin oh dami d2 adik hindi mkapaglaro eh
    reply nlng po agad !!!

  38. aahh kapatid, di po kami ang gumawa ng game na crazy cart. We here at pinoygaming just review games for you. you can visit the crazy cart website on the article above and tell them about your problem.

  39. bk8 poh kailangan ng piso pra mkbli ng wing dapat poh gp nlng ehh gusto ko poh kc n mg karuon ng wing n ganun……..plz…bgyan nio poh mehhhh

  40. now i downloaded it since i was in philipine for my visit.
    but now i keep getting patcher is initializing then eror0x3

  41. What country are you from phaZAZA?

  42. bakit lage…
    For Security: retype your password
    hindi ako makaregister

  43. You need to type in your password twice kapatid for the registration process.

  44. why my installer not supported 3d g how to solve thiss

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