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Paula Cristine Serrana

MU Online Announces Server Merge and Monster Hunting Festival

Gamers who play MU Online will be treated with two big events that will take place this November! The first event will be the merging of servers for Midgard and Eldorado to create a more exciting and balanced environment for all players to enjoy. Merging will take place on November 26, 2019. Players from other servers such as Helheim and …

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New character ‘debuts’ in “Kritika: The White Knights”- A singer with a skill of spear woman

Kritika: The White Knights seems that 5 years of publishing cannot be falter when this game has launch the 17th character named Lina. The new character is said to has the ability of possesses a fire spear that allows her to launch mid-range and long-range attacks, and unleash devastating fire attacks. Witness the beautiful spear woman roaming the battlefield with …

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