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The Witcher – Review

Once in a while you encounter a game that totally irks you and you uninstall it faster than you can say, WITCH! Well mga kapatid, this is one of those games! Ito na siguro ang isa sa pinakamaiksing review na maisusulat ko. The Witcher is a game set in the world of good old medieval fantasy much like Dungeons and Dragons Online and the similarities stop there.

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Lineage 2 Review

Lineage 2 is a Korean MMORPG not really unique but offers a lot of imaginative features. It’s set in an entirely medieval setting. If you watch old King Arthur movies, you’ll know what I mean (yung mga naka sobrang bigat na armor na din a makalakad – akala mo rin kinalawang nalang – yokyokyok). It offers the standard medieval fantasy …

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