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Ragnarok Online 2 New Engine Release 2010

In the recent Gstar conference, Korea’s biggest gaming event, Global Business Manager Yunghun Lee gave some revealing answers on the fate of Ragnarok Online II and why development has slowed down. It was rumored that the previous CEO was taking the company into a bad direction, thus a lot of Gravity’s game releases have been flops. Previously still, former chairman Jung Ryool Kim was accused of diverting Gravity’s funds to himself. The current CEO as of 2008 Brian Yoon Seok Kang plans on taking Ragnarok to expansive heights.

“It’s a difficult question to answer,” Lee admitted. “We launched Ragnarok II in 2007. That version wasn’t really enough for the market, so we tried to revise all the systems, but it takes time. We changed the engine and everything, it’s like a totally new game. The engine changed several times, but now we’re using Gamebryo.”

This is all funny to us here in Pinoygaming since Korea’s beta site for Ragnarok 2 is closed (previously However the game being a Gamebryo engine game does pose something interesting. Gamebryo is the same engine as Fallout 3 and Dark Age of Camelot. Those games were visually stunning and the gameplay was superb. If you want to see what the Gamebryo engine looks like, check out Atlantica Online, which uses the same engine.

We here at Pinoy Gaming Network look forward to this release, if ever there is really going to be one. It has been postponed too many times already and we’re getting tired of waiting for it.

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