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Emil Chronicle Online Preview

Angels, Humans and Demons have entered realms that were not really meant for them. In the distant future, civilization has completely depleted the earth’s valuable resources. In their search for new resources, impassable gaps were crossed and worlds which were never meant to be were connected.

Gravity, the same creator of the number 1 MMORPG in the Philippines introduces Emil Chronicle Online.

Emil Chronicle Online (ECO) has a vague similarity to Ragnarok Online, only with enhanced graphics, gameplay and environment. The game’s BGMs will make you remember some of the old school role-playing games we played like Final Fantasy. Game play is like any other MMORPG you’ve played before – click and point to move, attack monsters/players, buy and sell, etc.

ECO has three races for players to choose from: Emil (the humans), Titania (the white-winged angels) and Dominion (the bat wing tailed demons). Each race gets higher stats on certain attributes than the other races. Emil players have a high vitality start, Titania players lean more towards high intelligence and magic while Dominion players have high STR but lowered vitality and agility.

The job advancement system is one of the systems which made Emil Chronicle Online unique. On your first job advancement, you need to fulfill a task / requirement given to you by your desired job class instructor. For example: in order to acquire the job Scout, you need at least 10 STR and must survive traveling from Arconia Southern Beach to Arconia Eastern Plains.

ECO has a lot of unique features. One of the awesome features of the game is the possession system where players are allowed to possess another player’s weapon or armor pieces, or even possessing your own items: Necklace, left hand (Shield), right hand (Weapon), and armor can be possessed with your permission. The benefits of being possessed/possessing a player is that you gain experience higher than killing monsters on your own.

Leeching has never been this cool! Hahah!

A job class’ skill tree doesn’t have any skill prerequisites, though you still need to fulfill other requirements such as the job level and the required weapon for the skill. For each 3 job levels, you gain 1 skill point.

See those two small red circles and one big circle on the skill window? Basically, for every 2 job levels, you get two small red circles and once your job levels up again, those two small red circles will be converted into one whole skill point. Sounds complicated, no? That simply means you have to be careful with the skill build if you don’t want to waste a 3 job levels worth of skill points.

Ever dreamed of having a character with a cool transformation ability? ECO proudly introduces “The Marionette System”. Marionettes are very useful and a must have in the world of ECO. As of now, there are four marionettes available for players to choose: Salamander of the Fire, Mandragora of the Earth, Inmouse of the Water and Electell of the Wind.

While using the form of the marionettes, players gain new abilities, enhanced stats and elemental properties. Like for example, a player with a Salamander marionette gains a skill named “Warm Flame”, increased mobility, fire elemental property and stat boost.

Emil Chronicle Online will be published by Level Up! Games Philippines.

Emil Chronicle Online System Requirements


CPU: Pentium III 2.0 Ghz and above
Memory: 1GB disk space and above
Display Card: Geforce 2MX, Radeon 8500 and above
OS: Windows XP
Direct X: 9.0c


CPU: Pentium 4 3.0Ghz and above or Duo-Core
Memory: 2GB and above
Display Card: Geforce 7300 GT, Radeon 9660 and above
OS: Windows XP
Direct X: 9.0c

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