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AMD Fusion: More Gaming Actions

It’s a known fact among us pinoys that whenever we talk about computers the first thing that comes to our mind is Intel and its Pentium line of processors.  We have this notion that it is only Intel that powers our desktop and mobile computers due probably by the help of ads run years ago titled “Intel Inside”.

Little did we know about the alternatives. Of which, AMD is offering its Athlon and Phenom processors. AMD might not be able to match the power and efficiency of Intel’s Core 2 processors but nevertheless they are offering cheaper and more power efficient products that still provides decent speed for gaming, office and multimedia.

Yesterday sparked another aggressive marketing strategy by AMD by launching their Fusion suite of utilities and information for its upcoming processor – The Fusion.

The first utility they released is designed to speed up your gaming experience.  Called Fusion for Gaming tool, it promises to add more speed for your gaming by automatically turning off extra services running on your Vista operating system.  This includes your instant messenger, antivirus and antispyware, and other bunch of applications and utilities that you never need while playing.

Fusion for Gaming tool also automatically overclocks your AMD CPU and Graphics Card but not of course to the extent of fyring your chips.  It is smart enough to detect the heat around your PC to reasonably pick the best setting for overclocking.

Unfortunately, Fusion for Gaming tool will only run for people who have AMD CPU and ATI graphics cards. There’s no information yet if AMD will allow its software to run on hardware manufactured by Intel and nVidia.

Apart from the Fusion for Gaming tool, AMD is also preparing Fusion processors to succeed its Phenom processors.  Fusion will run best on AM3 socket motherboards and will support DDR3 memory modules. Fusion will be backward compatible with AM2 and AM2+ motherboard but if you want to enjoy its full glory then I suggest you use AM3 motherboards.  Expected release of the new processor will be on late 2009.

If you have AMD and ATI system then you can download a beta version of the utility here, found on the new AMD Fusion site.

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