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AIKA Global Updates “Recommended Nation” System

AIKA Global recommends what nations to join in with corresponding rewards. Last patch for this November brings new high level quests and item shop goods. Seoul, Korea – (November 30, 2010)— Can’t decide which nation to join? Here’s what every Pinoy Aikan should know! T3entertainment and Hanbitsoft inc. Together with Redbana Philippines open a new upgrading this December with “Recommended Nation” System. Players will reap the benefits if they do join the current recommended nation. The latest November patch also brings additional quests to players wanting to reach the recently opened level cap (level 60).

“Recommended Nation” System Update

To avoid a nation’s population imbalance, Aika Global has been recommending what nations to join when creating a new character. As of the moment, the “recommended nation” for players to join changes every Thursday depending on the population count. However, starting December 2, 2010, the recommended nation will still be altered every after maintenance but without the population count criteria. To motivate people to follow, the sought after premium items, Hira and Kaize Liquid extracts, will be handed out once players reach level 30 and 40 to make raiding dungeons and completing quests much easier.

Lakia Diamond Quest

Five (5) new daily quests has been added in this week’s update to help level 50 characters gain experience points for them to be eligible to take the promotion quests and become more powerful Elters than they are now. Players can take these quests from NPC Guillaume Dalhausser and NPC Rose Braschi located in Basilan. These two NPCs will give out special daily quests until December 2, 2010 which reward players with much needed experience points to get them closer to level 60 which is the maximum level available to all.

Tcoin Shop Item Update

Elters will be in for a treat due to the recent patch’s Tcoin Shop Item Update. The old premium mounts and surprise box premium items have been removed and replaced with new ones. New Mount Sprites are now available in the shop. These items include one (1) 30-day mount and a surprise box that will give random items. The new set is posted in the announcement section of T3fun’s AIKA Global webpage for players to get a complete list of new items.

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