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Windows 7 Ready for Pre-Order

Microsoft will begin to offer Windows 7 for excited folks via pre-order through their website.

Microsoft’s new flagship operating system Windows 7 will cost consumers $199.99, $299.99 and $319.99 respectively for Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate box. But for those who already have Vista and XP may opt to get the upgrade package for a lower price: $119.99, $199.99 and $219.99 for the same set.

It is also expected that PC manufacturers will offer free upgrade to Windows 7 if they buy a computer today with Vista loaded so if your planning to buy a new PC or laptop, be sure to grab the upgrade coupon and keep it until Windows 7 officially debut.

Windows 7 has been assailed as the most stable OS by Microsoft so far as evidently showed by its beta and RC builds. Enthusiasts who downloaded a copy of the said builds remarked their excitement as Windows 7 being better in terms of speed and compatibility compared to Vista.

Microsoft officially announced that Windows 7 will be available on October 22nd.

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