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Windows 7 RC 1 Available on April 10

Perhaps considered to be the most anticipated product to be released this year, Windows 7 will reach its first Release Candidate (RC) development on April 10th.

Microsoft just announced that Windows 7 will be released on April 10 if there will be no more show-stopping bug to be discovered anytime before the release date.

Sinofsky stated that “the [Release Candidate] build will be available broadly.”

Windows 7’s first beta appearance was on January 10 and a massive number of people willing to test the product flooded Microsoft’s site. The new operating system garnered strong positive feedback from testers.

I installed my copy of Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 on my MSI Wind U100x and it is definitely fast and efficient. With 2GB installed memory, I can open Photoshop CS2, Opera, Chrome, Microsoft Word 2007, Acrobat Reader, Live Mail and Yahoo Messanger all at the same time without noticing a slow down.

Windows 7 is almost ready to hit primetime. Rumors and speculations suggest that the new OS from Microsoft might be released late 2009.

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