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Windows 7 Initial Features Released

Windows 7 is already on the works and a lot of people especially those that are bitterly frustrated with Vista are excited as to what the upcoming operating system by Microsoft will offer.

Just recently, Windows team through their blog revealed the upcoming features of Windows 7 including what seems to be a copy of OS X dock feature.

The new taskbar features icon only with no text. Now the taskbar is filled with icons for easier program selection. Like Vista, hovering over the icons shows a helpful preview.

Clicking on the desktop will make all open windows transparent enabling you to see the whole desktop. This is particularly helpful in viewing your gadgets which was first introduced at Vista.

Always being disturbed by User Account Control? With Windows 7, user has better control over how UAC disrupts you.

Windows 7 has multi-touch and gesture recognition features which was already announced months ago.

Improved Bluetooth support is self-explanatory, though the level of “improved support” is unknown.

You will no longer fear spending your savings for newer hardware to run Windows 7 as the upcoming OS is lighter and doesn’t require hefty hardware like Vista. Windows 7 Chief Steve Sinofsky held up his “personal” laptop during the demo. It was running Windows 7 flawlessly on a 1 GHz processor netbook (probably using a VIA processor) with only 1 GB of RAM. It was running very smoothly, with over half the RAM free to use. However, don’t be mislead by believing that the OS is underpowered because Microsoft is equally emphasizing power, with support for up to 256 CPUs.

Windows 7 is getting better hype and promising better experience for users. Were just hoping that Microsoft would deliver Windows 7 better than Vista with regards to hardware and software compatibility.

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