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Wanted: Weapons of Fate PC Review

It is very rare that a game-movie tie-up yields positive results. It’s either the movie will suck based on a game, or a game will suck based ona movie. Wanted: Weapons of Fate will undergo the Pinoygaming Network Movie-Game gauntlet. Already, it has failed on one simple ommission, NO ANGELINA JOLIE! gaarrrr….

Wanted: Weapons of Fate is loosely based on the movie expanding to its universe. You are the previously weak now super soldier bullet bending dude. You go by the Weapons of Fate (WoF) universe looking for clues to who killed your dear old mommy. What results however is a series of revelations and shocks, right after the guns and explosions of course.

The story is told with ingame cutscenes that so very much look like they got ported from the console versions. Well, it IS a console port but they could have beefed it up a bit for the PC crowd. No surprise there. Graphically speaking, Wanted is not very impressive. Anti-aliasing is enabled ingame but it doesn’t do much to help the bad textures and even worse special effects.

There are several events in the game that you come up to an enemy and have to stab him in the throat. The satisfaction of that kill is ruined because blood splatters on the monitor ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME and it does so with the same predefined pattern that obscures the kill. When you are hit, the screen turns bloody red then blood splatters then the screen goes black and white. Too much!

The game sounds are satisfying none the less but could use a little more umphf. Too bad there are only a few weapons in game that you can use, two types of handguns and a sniper rifle. Had the developers added a few more guns for the player to experiment with, this would have been a totally different game.

As for the gameplay, its not totally bad to our surprise. The cover system is done pretty well in conjunction with the bullet time features and the bullet curving features. I love curving the bullet on this game, especially when the enemy hides behind several pieces of cover from yards away then BAM! Bullet curves to his position and hits him square in the nose. You can only curve bullets if you get enough adrenaline though, thankfuly adrenalin is easy to get, you just have to kill an opponent normally and it recharges.

The controls are fairly easy to pick up as well, however we have some complaints. To cancel out of the bullet curving aim procedure, you need to let go of one button at a time, if you let go of 2 buttons, the gun fires completely missing your target. A minor annoyance, but won’t ruin the experience.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate is a game made for fans of the movie (it would have garnered more players if Angelina was involved). There is little to no replay value except to play the game again with another difficulty, discover hidden codes to unlock “gameplay enhancers” and additional characters to play as.

Overall, its a good game for gunfight fans akin to those who follow Gears of War cover system. But for anything else, it’s a good rental.

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