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Use Your PC to Join Virtual Rally

Most Filipino’s nowadays are reluctant to join organized rallies due to the seemingly successful campaign of our government to dissuade us from joining one. But perhaps if the rally was organized virtually, you’d spend time in it.

Virtual Rally found at is lead by Senator Mar Roxas alongside the launch of his blog The objective is to draw filipinos to sign-up and join a virtual rally to more effectively air our sentiments on the issues affecting our daily lives.

The rally is focusing on fuel price. Senator Mar Roxas is inviting Filipinos to join the protest against high prices of oil products and to support the removal of 12% VAT on oil so to significantly reduce gasoline prices. Here’s the message posted on the site.

About the Protest

The 12% VAT on oil was imposed in 2005 when the world price of oil was only $30 per barrel and public deficit was at an all-time high. Today, the situation has revered itself. The price of oil has exceeded $100 a barrel and is still rising while our budget deficit has been tamed. In 2005, at the time government sought a higher VAT, the intention was clear: to put our fiscal house in order. Today, at a time when people’s incomes remain largely stagnant against soaring prices of food and oil, it is government’s turn to make the supreme sacrifice of leaving money in our people’s pockets. Stop collecting the oil VAT. This will immediately result in savings of P6 per liter of gas and P66 per LPG tank. Such savings will be felt more by the poor than the rich. These savings will also benefit the government since whatever we buy with it would be VAT-able anyway.

Senate bill 1962 filed by Senator Mar Roxas in 2007 proposes a 6-months suspension of the 12% VAT on oil. This bill has been heard in the Senate but has not move at all in the Lower House. The administration which controls the majority bloc in the House has become an immovable force on this issue. The only thing that could break the impasse is for our people’s voices to be heard, loud and clear. Suspend the VAT on Oil!

Oil, as of this writing, is now around $120.00 on the world market. Minor and major oil players here in the Philippines are already lowering their oil prices but has not made any significant price drops. What’s holding them back? They say it’s because of the under recoveries they still need to regain.

Nevertheless oil prices are slowly going down and hopefully when Diablo III is released, we will have saved enough to buy the game.

This post is not entirely game related but still might affect gamers travelling using their cars or motorbikes from home to gaming cafe to play games with friends. Kulang na nga pera pang-arkila eh babawasan pa ng malaking gastusin sa gasolina. So if you’rr interested then click on this link and you will be directed to the virtual rally site

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