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Tom Clancy’s End War Xbox 360 Review

It’s the year 2020 and man is again doing what it does best, beat the crap out of each other. You are a general who needs to choose a side; Russia, Europe and of course old USA. The objective? World Conquest! Tom Clancy’s End War is based on, well Tom Clancy’s book titled End War (duh!) Here we delve into the game and see if it is worthy of the Pinoy Gaming Editor’s seal. So let’s rip this RTS apart and see what we can find.

Graphically speaking Tom Clancy’s End War isn’t that much to look at especially since its a dated game (released a few years ago). Although the special effects during intense firefights can get really gritty with debris flying everywhere. Damage is seen in buildings and the general environment. Textures could use a little more work, but they do what is needed.

Sound isn’t that much exciting either. One cannon sounds the same as another . A helicopter’s gunfire sounds the same as the riflemen gunfire. The voice overs are acceptable though, not as notable and wonderful as C&C but passable nonetheless.

Gameplay, well this is where End War shines. As said you get to choose a side, and once on that side you choose the type of battalion you want to control. Within that battalion you can customize your way of fighting World War 3. You can upgrade units with new abilities, armor, firepower and even mobility. You can churn out electronic warfare support and air strikes. Of course, what is World War 3 without weapons of mass destruction (WMD) – in this case the hypobarric bomb. You are pitted against the AI in the campaign where you have a choice of battles to fight with a very intuitive war map of the world.

Needless to say, End War is deep. Very deep when it comes to gameplay that this compensates for all its shortcomings. What really sets End War apart from other FPSs is its pride of being able to play the game entirely with voice commands. In fact, success in the game can come easier with the use of voice. With so many things going on in the battlefield, quick voice commands can certainly help your goal in conquering planet Earth.

As for replay value, there is a LOT. First since there are so many ways to win WW3 in campaign mode with the main side choices then different battalions, different customizations and even different strategies. But, one major pull to play this game is the multiplayer, where you are pitted against human players from all over the world choosing sides of their own and choosing battles on the big world war map.

If you are a big fan of military strategy, this game is certainly a best buy. You get to order people around with your own voice. hehe. However, if you know nothing of artillery, armor placement and garrison buildings, you might want to learn those before taking on End War.

Note: This review was written as my nephew-in-law holds the controls and I issue the voice commands.

Graphics – 6
Sound – 4
Gameplay – 10
Replay  – 10

Special Thanks to Noam Tanglao

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