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The Return of the Comeback

Grabe! After much considering and proding (at paghihintay ng lintek na RO2 na hanggang ngayon beta parin), my lady and I have decided to play pRO again! I’m back in Valhalla woot~! (previously Thor). May maghahasik na naman ng lagim. yokyokyok

So what’s the relevance of this for Pinoygaming? Well, for those who can remember, I used to write short stories of my adventures back in the old pRO boards. I intended for that to be an encouragement for the pRO community to have fun adventuring rather than just grind leveling. So with the same intent, I’ll be posting my new chronicles on PGN. I intend to have guest writers on this new chronicles so anybody who wants to tell their tale, give me a yell. (Kahit kuentong bolero basta interesting oks na).

Here’s the last photo I took before I left Thor several months back
Mga macho men ng Thor noon, one is a geek, other two are chainsmokers
and the third one with the flower may be gay. yokyokyok

So with that, lets rock! I’m excited to reach 99 again and start boss hunting like I used to!

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