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The Paladin Chronicles – The Sign

I’m done with The Sign quest! Finally finished the longest quest in Ragnarok history! It took me 2 days though but now I have the Demon’s Teardrop and The Sign accessory, +5% damage to magic and physical attack bebe! woot~

This quest has more twists and turns than a snake traveling to Baguio. Believe me, if you don’t have patience, you won’t be able to finish the quest. I was made to dance, to collect stuff from parts unknown, to find a darn overpriced anvil and then made to jump from the Umbala bungee area over, and over and over again. Kung totoo lang Paladin ko dami na yupi armor niya at hita at likod niya gawa na sa bakal.

To those who want to undergo the quest, here are a few tips not mentioned in the guide that we use. Get an emperium anvil. If you get something of less quality, you’ll have to do that part of the quest AGAIN! Second, talk to dancers, you’ll need their advice on the DANCING part of the quest. And hirap sumayaw! Ako pa naman walang rythmn minsan, yokyokyok. Third, bring life insurance packages. Minsan gusto mo nalang magpaka deds para makabalik. Walang BWING sa Valhalla.

All in all a very rewarding quest. I’m actually quite proud of myself for having done it. Kayo rin, mag the sign na!

Here’s a video of the final moments of the quest. When I turned over the sobbing starlight artifact to the queen of the dead. She turned it into Lucifer’s Lament a.k.a. demon’s teardrop. Enjoy!

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