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The Incredible Hulk PC Review

Rarely do we review games that are not interesting to our readers. However, in very very unique cases, we review games that are so terrible that we feel it is our responsibility to review them to warn you to stay away. The Incredible Hulk is one of those games.

The game expands on the “The Incredible Hulk” movie starring Ed Norton, which was a great, in fact, excellent movie in my opinion. As good as that movie was, that’s also how, inversely, this game sucks. It unites the movie story with some comic book storyline as you guide the Hulk to various goals. The developer promises open ended gameplay too, a bit of a broken promise there.

The game looks dated despite its recent release. Weak shadows (minsan wala ngang shadow eh) constant clipping (lumulusot si hulk sa pader minsan at di nasisira ang pader), and terrible textures make this game look like it got published 10 years ago. Hell even Diablo 1 published 12 years ago looks better than this.
The sound and music feel mediocre and that’s a stretch. Almost none existent music and the ones that are in it don’t add to the “I am an indestructible green collection of muscle and anger”. The sound effects don’t impress as well. When you smash a car onto a sidewalk then it explodes into a thousand pieces (5 pieces nga lang since pangit graphics), you’d expect a big bang! It sounded like a thud to me.

The publisher as mentioned promised open gameplay and rich highly interactive environment. Ok, now read the sarcasm, we agree that it’s highly interactive; you smash people, smash buildings, smash cars, smash posts, smash hydrants, smash sidewalks, HULK SMASH!!!! That’s not highly interactive. That just means you can destroy most everything. The missions range from going somewhere to smash things and protecting someone by smashing things. Boss fights, if you can call them that, is just a matter of who can smash who the fastest.

Although the game mixes it up by making Hulk’s moves unlockable, most of his moves involve wanton destruction which is pretty much what you can already do in the first place. The unlockable moves aren’t even that impressive. They just involve a whole lot of stomping, clapping and yes – nahulaan mo kapatid – SMASHING! This review has already used up the allotted usage of the word “smash” but heck, no point in stopping now. Yokyokyok.

The game’s story, though loosely (very loosely) based on the movie, is not too notable. There’s not much conflict or sense of peril. It’s just too hard to relate to. Well it is hard to relate to a walking destruction derby to be fair. However, if the movie did it, why couldn’t an expanded version of the story in the game do it?
As for replay value there isn’t much unless you enjoy destroying everything again. However, if you are a a Hulk fan and a true sociopath who just wants to watch the world burn, this game is for you, by a slim chance and a longshot.

Graphics – 3
Sound – 4
Gameplay – 4
Replay value – 3

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