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Team Thailand RWC 2008 Champions Interview!

So mga kapatid, we at have passed the gauntlet and got our readers an interview with Team Thailand, the Ragnarok World Champions of 2008. They looked like a pretty lively bunch, and why wouldn’t they? They just won!

We began the interview with a preliminary “warning” of sorts, well more like an invitation to relax. We were talking to the translator so this interview’s format will be a bit non standard. So here we go!

Pinoygaming: We pinoys are known for our joyful nature even in adversity, especially gamers. So in that spirit, don’t be surprised to be asked the weirdest questions.

Team Thailand: *All smiles*

Pinoygaming: If your pet can learn to play Ragnarok, what job would you have it take?

Team Thailand:*All start laughing – translator comes back and gives us the answer* Cat – Gypsy; Fish – Gypsy, Dog – Lord Knight

Pinoygaming: The moment you stepped off the plane as you arrived in the Philippines, what did you smell?

Team Thailand: *burst out in laughter with one guy trying to compose himself, then they yell* BEEF!

Pinoygaming: What specs do your PCs have? Are you guys AMD or Intel?

Team Thailand: *2 guys say amd, the rest intel* In Thailand, Intel has more promotions but AMD is promoted as a product for gamers.

Pinoygaming: If you come back to the Philippines, what would you wear?

Team Thailand: *One dude nods his head and declares SWIMSUIT then everybody starts laughing* We’ll wear traditional Thai costume.

Pinoygaming: Have you learned any Filipino words?

Team Thailand: Salamat

Pinoygaming: What ragnarok skill do you hate?

Team Thailand: *They are having trouble with the translation* Coma

Pinoygaming: Now for something more controversial. Do you guys use bots?

Team Thailand: *One yells* Yes! I like bot! In Thailand we really do.

Pinoygaming: Do you guys have PVP expressions like ASA here in the Philippines?

Team Thailand: We don’t trashtalk, we use emoticons like /gg

Pinoygaming: How does it feel to be back to back champions?

Team Thailand: To become the champion is not that difficult, defending the title is.

Pinoygaming: Congratulations guys, and thank you for your time.

Well there you have it mga kapatid! Team Thailand is composed of Ratchasak Kanchanasapha, Mana Pattharavilaloet, Minlawat Tararuthai, Sompom Sinsanguan, Hatsakan Santitaweechai, Ekkasit Nimket, and Narin Sukwisutthichot.

You can catch more details on Level Up Live 2008 Ragnarok World Championships at Pinoygaming Live!

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