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Professor Layton And The Curious Village DS

Professor Layton is a pretty unknown person in the world of the academe and even more unknown in the gaming world. But this Scholar of a gentleman is making waves in the mobile console industry with his trip to a quaint little village called St. Mystere. Uncover the secrets in this new game!

The premise is pretty simple. You are Professor Layton a very well known scholar in London. You take a trip to a village with your apprentice Luke only to find out there is a foul plot afoot. You wade your way through puzzles and mini games until you lift the hood and see exactly what’s going on.

This is where the simplicity ends. The puzzles? They range from easy to “HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO SOLVE THIS?”. Not to worry, you can purchase tips and hints with coins you find lying around the village. If you are a gamer who loves to find solutions to many a problem, this is the game for you. You will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of puzzles and mini games in this title, you’ll be frozen on your DS for a long long time.

Professor Layton introduces its world to the gamer in a slow but sure fashion. First delivering a brain teaser or two then slowly ramping up. This ensures you don’t get stuck on a puzzle longer than you should be. Also, there is a feature called a riddleshack. Here you will be able to go back to the puzzles you haven’t solved yet.

The title also has bonus features that you unlock as you unravel the secrets of St. Mystere. If you solve enough puzzles and gather materials such as puzzle pieces and strange gizmos, you can get additional puzzles that will unlock more rewards!

The bonus features also contains what we at Pinoygaming love most about the game, weekly online puzzle downloads. There is no end to the puzzle solving!

The world of Professor Layton is presented with sprites with talk bubbles and the occasional superbly animated cutscenes. On top of that it features superb sound quality and minimal yet convincing voice acting.

All in all, this is a DS game every puzzle solving nut should own.

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