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Philippines’ First Televised Professional Gaming League

Ever wonder why in Korea their professional gamers are considered celebrities endorsing not only computer equipment but also shoes and the like? Don’t you wish we have something like that here in the Philippines? Don’t you wish you could tell your mom or your wife… “I’m a professional gamer.” everytime they tell you you spend too much time on the PC?

Well mga kapatid, X-Play has the answer for you. X-Play is announcing the launch of Pro Gaming League (PGL) where the top players of online games in the Philippines could battle it out and have a chance of winning Php 1,000,000. Yes, that is 6 zeros there. Di ka naduduleng 1 million yan. And guess what, you won’t only gain fortune, you will get fame as well since matches in the PGL will be televised in GMA7.

Let the rise of Cybergaming as a new sport in the Philippines begin!

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