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Philippines’ Expanding Game Industry in G-STAR 2016


G-STAR (Game, Show, Trade, All Round) is a yearly event held by Korea Internet and Digital Entertainment, which is managed by Busan IT Promotion Agency. The event will be held on BEXCO, Busan on November 17-20, 2016.

On its 12th year, G-STAR 2016 is dubbed as the 4th largest international game exhibition. Parallel to this, the ASEAN-Korean Centre (AKC), an intergovernmental organization that aims to promote exchanges among Korea and ASEAN member states, is staging its Global Game Exhibition at the G-STAR 2016 hosting the participating nine (9) ASEAN Member States including the Philippines.

There will also be a Trade Forum and Market Research on November 15-16, 2016 in Seoul which will feature seminars on Korea and ASEAN game industries, advisories on advancement of gaming and exchange of best practices to further expand relations and businesses.

Out of the 9 ASEAN member countries who will be attending the event, the Philippines has six (6) delegates, who will be provided booth spaces to showcase its game promotions, development and capabilities.

OutResource Global Inc., Indigo Entertainment, Yangyang Mobile, Aardvark Mobile Games, Audacity and White Widget are the teams who will be showcasing their creative abilities in the game world in the upcoming event. The games by the companies are developed for both PC and mobile, which genres range from action to puzzle-strategy.

OutResource Global,Inc. is a game development services company that lends their employees to work directly for a business. They also develop their own products such as games and software.

Indigo Entertainment’s games are targeted for children to adolescents as some of their clients are Disney (Snow White Forest Adventure, Star Wars Rebels: Strike Mission), Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon (SpongeBob SquarePants: The Krusty Krab Presents BoogieBob DancePants, Fairly Odd Parents Wishing 101).

YangYang Mobile’s latest game, The Letter, is a horror visual novel where one can choose from seven playable characters on an interactive environment. The demo can now be downloaded on Steam Greenlight and their official site.

A company just starting out, Aardvark Mobile Games, will take a chance to show their strengths in the upcoming event. They are currently working on their game, Jeepney Adventure, which hopes to be finished soon.

Audacity Studio is a premier game and web development studio which was formed three years ago and started the business as graphic designers. The team then honed their skills and now they are back with more experience to deliver quality services.

And last but not least, White Widget which created Appirio, Cut Cut Cut and Vegas Ninja, is a company which apps have been featured on the Play Store. It is a company to look out for; they are focused on releasing games for iOS, Android, web and desktop platforms.

With the Philippines joining the event, it will be a big opportunity to gain audiences and to promote the expanding world of game development in the country as Korea is one of the biggest markets of the gaming industry.

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