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New Viral Flash Game of Pres. Bush Evading Shoes

It’s all over the news! No not the new flash game yet, of course the amazing dodge President George Bush of the United States against the pair of shoes thrown to him by an Iraqi journalist.

Now, T-Enterprise found a way to convert the incident into a humorous flash game which you can play here.  “If you watch the video clip, the Secret Service don’t move in to protect the President until the second shoe has been thrown,” Sadi Chishti, managing director of T-Enterprise, told “We’re hoping the agents will use this game as a training aid for future footwear attacks on world leaders.”

Similarly, Senator Mar Roxas as well threw a hard hitting foul word against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo at last weekend’s Anti-Chacha interfaith rally at Makati City.  Everyone was shocked but the good senator seems to have gathered more praise instead by being true to what he felt about the president.  I wonder if there will be a filipino creative enough to make a flash game out of this.

Go join the fun in saving the President from shoe attack!

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