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New PS3 Firmware Have Photo Gallery, DivX 3.1

Firmware 2.60 for Sony PlayStation 3 will be released anytime soon and it packs few but nice features for owners of the console.

According to Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), the new v2.60 firmware will be available for PlayStation 3 consoles. Major features will be the new Photo Gallery program which will offer PS3 owners a better way to organize and view photos stored on the console’s hard drive. With Photo Gallery, Sony’s vision of it being a media center is pushing forward.

PS3 owners may organize digital photos by groups according to various criteria. Sony said that the new Photo Gallery application will be able to categorize pictures by event and time, the number of people within the picture (including their ages and facial expressions), and even by the type of camera used to take the photo.

“Once their photos are grouped, consumers can then search and view them using the grouping categories and create slideshows set to music, displaying specific photo playlists or photos pulled from grouped categories,” said the company.

Sony also added the ability for consumers to enter the PlayStation Store for free as guests, allowing non-PlayStation Network members access to the storefront’s downloadable content. It will allow guests to download games, game trailers, and demos as well as over 4,200 movies and TV shows.

Movies that use DivX 3.11 codec may now be played as the v2.60 firmware will support it.

Sony PlayStation 3 is currently priced at around Php19,000.00.

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