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New Lara Croft Sexier Than Ever!

Lara croft has had several upgrades over the years. From the blocky manish polygons of the first Lara Croft to the sexy and oh-so-feminine beauty of renderings in the upcoming Tomb Raider: Underworld. Many of the recent Lara Croft games use motion capture and models to pose for the digital Lara’s looks and bodeh! Models have come from all over the world. Now, a new Lara Croft model has been revealed. Mga kapatid, punas laway muna. yokyokyok

Lara Croft has been a force to be reckoned with in the realm of feminine game heroins. She has spawned games wall to wall and two motion pictures starring Angelina Jolie. This Brit lass has had many makeovers and this is what she looks like now, before Tomb Raider:Underworld is released.

DIgital Lara

This is her digital self as we see her in Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Legend. This one was modeled after Kerima Adebibe a sales assistant in Top Shop London who happens to model as well. Kerima was launched into video game stardom after her stint as Lara Croft and I bet she’s not working in Top Shop anymore. Here’s Kerima for you guys to feast your eyes on.

Kerima Adebibe

Just recently though, Eidos Interactive, the developers of Tomb Raider: Underworld announced that the new ingame Lara Croft will be motion captured and modeled after one person. A model/gymnast to be exact. A new comer to the Lara Croft scene, this 23 year old gymnast has rocked the gaming world upon Eidos’s announcement. Not only will she model for the character but perform all her stunts too! Ok just a primer, the new Tomb Raider game will feature realistic interactive environments, physics (and nice things that bounce), and intense action. This is quite a tall order for this new model. So without further ado, a former receptionist in a golf course turned worldwide phenomenon, I give you… Alison Carroll.

Alison Carroll

Alison Carroll

Oh oh.. saan ka nakatingin kapatid? Psst… ay nadistracted. yokyokyok.

Here’s what Alison has to say about her new role as Lara’s face and bodeh!

“I’m not looking for a long-term relationship as most men can’t keep up with me. But playing Lara Croft, the sexiest game heroine there is, should get me a few more dates!”

There you have it! Watch out for the release of Tomb Raider: Underworld to see what this classy lady can do.

(Also check out the video on our main site for an inside look at this new Lara Croft)

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