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New character ‘debuts’ in “Kritika: The White Knights”- A singer with a skill of spear woman

Kritika: The White Knights seems that 5 years of publishing cannot be falter when this game has launch the 17th character named Lina. The new character is said to has the ability of possesses a fire spear that allows her to launch mid-range and long-range attacks, and unleash devastating fire attacks.

Witness the beautiful spear woman roaming the battlefield with great skill to dance and sing.

To match her concept of “Idol in the battlefield” Lina will own all the inherent female avatars in Kritika, adding two brand new avatars Superstars and Matchless War God.

Train bonus grants ATK, DEF, and HP and you can level up Train bonus starting at Level 70. A new skill that automatically levels up as a Character gains EXP in battle has been added in this new update.

For the returning user, they’ll find a lot of new things to discover and surely this update that also improves the user interface such as improved shortcuts for better navigation, changing season class for Lina, and rearranging inventory.

Instead of a seven-day login event for newly released characters, Kritika doubled the number of days to receive items to 14 days in welcoming Lina.

Just logging in to the event you will receive valuable rewards worth up to $200 including: 20,000 Karat, Lapiz and 1 Etheral+ Pet, Carbuncle.

Through its impressive graphics, polished gameplay, and consistent updates, Kritika: The White Knights (a mobile RPG) and a joint venture between GAMEVIL, allm, and FUNFLOW, Kritika has enjoyed a steady popularity in many countries.

To experience Kriika: The White Knights’ latest update download at iOS and Android.

For more updates and information, you may visit Kritika: The White Knights official fanpage.

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