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Nehalem i7 Launch Date November 17th

Yes its official, Nehalem i7 microprocessor will launch on November 17th, that’s 10 days from now.

The Nehalem processor is the latest microprocessor developed by Intel to succeed its Core2 architecture introduced 2 years ago. There will be three desktop processors ready to be deployed in the market: the 920, 940 and 965 Extreme. All three ‘Bloomfield’ chips contain 731m transistors in a die that measures 263mm².

The Extreme CPU is set to clock at 3.2GHz and connect directly to 1333MHz DDR 3 memory through its integrated memory controller. The 920 and 940 will run at 2.66GHz and 2.93GHz, respectively, and connect to 1066MHz DDR 3. All three chips can link to three channels of memory.

Prices are not cheap for pinoys who wish to buy the chip this early but who can, of course, stop you from buying if you have the cash. The three new chips will be sold for $284, $562 and $999 respectively when purchased in batches of 1000 CPUs. Were not yet sure as to how much your favorite computer store will price the processors in Philippine peso though expect higher conversion rates since shipping and tax will be added to the tag.

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