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MU Online’s Season 4 is Coming!

MU Online’s Season 4 is Coming!

Manila, Philippines – March 3, 2009. Digital Media Exchange, Inc. (DME), one of the leading games publishers in the Philippines, today announced that the highly-anticipated Season 4 of the popular MMORPG MU Online is coming.

The MU Online faithful have been clamoring for even more adventures in their favorite MMORPG. As a result, DME will be rewarding the players for their loyalty. The Season 4 patch will be rolled out REAL soon and mobiusgames, DME’s online games division, is calling on the support of all MUtizens.

To reward your support, every purchase of MU 4 Hours, Cash Shop or Web Store Blood Castle Ticket 1 use, Cash Shop or Web Store Devil Square 1 use and the Web Store Large SD Potion will be entered to into the There’s No Stopping MU raffle.

You can also buy subscriptions and get the exact same value for FREE! For instance, if you subscribe today for 30 days, you get to enjoy it for the current version and get FREE 30 days of MU for Season 4!

Fans that bought the MU products get to join the raffle, with each Purchase Order as one raffle entry. This means the more products you buy, the more chances of winning über in-game loot!

The raffle will begin on March 4, 2009 and end when the Season 4 patch arrives. Regular raffle draws will be done every Monday starting March 16 until the launch. The Grand Draw will be held on the launch date.

Mobiusgames would also be posting the Season 4 support meter, which can be found on the MU Online website. Your support for MU Online would reflect on the meter. The stronger your support, the earlier the Season 4 launch date would arrive. The launch date could be as late as September 2009, or as early as April, which is already next month.

Season 4’s arrival is in your hands!

The upcoming patch also marks the arrival of new features that would catapult the current Season 2 world all the way into Season 4. These include the following:

So what are you waiting for? Join the big MU raffle, win awesome in-game items, and continue your barkada’s adventures in MU Online! Remember: There really is no stopping MU!

For more information about Season 4, visit:

About Digital Media Exchange

Established in 2003, Digital Media Exchange, Inc. (DME), is a leading online games publisher in Southeast Asia and an outsourced service provider to the global computer games industry. Under the brand name Mobius Games, dme pioneered the Southeast Asian online game industry by; architecting the network peering exchange that enabled the growth of the Philippine online game industry; being the first to launch a free to play/item based game with Gunbound; and creating unique and innovative premium services seamlessly integrated with its proprietary digital media platform and payment system ( used by over 9m registered users. In 2006, Mobius expanded marketing and distribution capabilities into the English speaking markets of Malaysia and Singapore and launched a division to offer low cost/game-centric support services based on its own experience as a game publisher. dme’s outsourcing division is providing outsourced game consulting and support services to a variety of game developers including Disney, NHN, and Build-a-Bear Workshop. For more information, please visit

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