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Microsoft Releases Kinect Motion and Voice Control for 360

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything breathtaking from Microsoft and on this year’s E3, they dropped a bomb that could change the console industry. Remember project Natal? The video sensor based gaming control/interaction system they revealed on last year’s E3? Well its not called Kinect (Kinetic Connect) and it could wipe Nintendo of the motion control map.

Kinect employs a sophisticated camera/sensor system mounted on your television set connected to your 360 of course. What does it do? well, it tracks your movement, scans your body, answers to your body’s commands and heck, depending on the software, talks and responds as well.

We were very impressed with their Kinectimals title which will allow people of all ages to acquire pets to take care of. You can teach them tricks, play games, and basically cuddle virtually with your beloved animal. Also impressive is Ubisoft’s Your Shape which is the best fitness software we’ve seen since nintendo came out with the Wii Fit.

Check out the video on the main site for the Kinectimals feature. Kinect is set for release during the holidays. Magpakabait na mga bata kung gusto niyo ng Kinect this Christmas.

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