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Opera Web Browser 9.62

Its been a while that I am thinking of maybe adding more categories that may capture your interest. First that I added recently is the Pinoy Gaming News section where Sir David and I are regularly posting news related to technology and gaming. I hope you read some of the news we posted and at least some of those have catch your attention.

Today, I am adding one more section and its called Hot Download. This section contains software which we here at Pinoy Gaming Network believe will help you better accomplish your daily computing and gaming needs.

We will test the software first and will only recommend to download it if it is safe for your PC though we cannot guarantee that it will work the same it works on our own PC since every system are built differently.

For our first software, I proudly present you Opera Browser 9.62 created by Opera Software.

The browser’s main feature is speed and is lightweight that even your Windows 98 machine can run comfortably. Opera may only have market share of roughly 2% of internet user compared to its bigger competitor Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox and is being challenge as well by Google’s new browser Chrome but Opera is still confident and in fact preparing for more innovation as told by its founder and CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner.

Opera Web Browser Features:

System Requirements

Opera will happily run on machine with Windows 95 up to Windows Vista, pentium II class CPU and 20MB of disk space.  You can also run Opera on your Linux and Mac OS.  In fact I am also using Opera under Ubuntu 8.04.


You may download at Opera Web Browser 9.62 at Opera’s website

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