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Hitman: Blood Money Review

Ever wonder where the game Assassin’s Creed had its roots from? Well a few years back Eidos Interactive created a game that introduced us to a man named Agent 47 and the 3rd person action genre will never be the same again. Instead of having a character run around and shoot 50 guys with fully automatic weapons, this game was one of the first that encouraged planning and a LOT of stealth. The first game was worth mentioning but this second installment to the Hitman series cemented it in popular culture and even spawned a movie!

As said the game got released a few years back but even now it still looks impressive. Sa mga naka upgrade na ng PC mas maganda ito tingnan. Kayong hindi pa naka upgrade, malalaro niyo na ito. The game sports a loot of scenic locations that flaunt the beauty of the engine, a seaside carnival near some docks, a villa somwhere in South America (na parang hacienda ng isang Don ewan ko yun feeling ko pagnakikita ko), Mardi Gras setting that sports LOTS of people (crowd as in crowd talaga na di naman bumabagal ang laro) and even a rehab clinic. All of these locations look spectacular and even enhances the feel of the “world traveling assassin” theme. It doesn’t look as impressive as Assassin’s Creed or anything but it still looks good!

The game sounds moody with and that fits all the sceneries that you need to go through to finish the game. The Mardi Gras sequence in particular sounds very impressive. You literally can hear the crowd parteh!~ You can listen in to people talking on the other side of a room. Pag nakapagpasya ka namang pumasok sa kuarto at barilin nalang lahat ng tao doon kaysa patago tago ka pa, talagang maririnig mo ang lakas ng mga baril na gamit mo. The soundtrack helps the feel of the game too.

As for game play, this is one game that you want to play over and over. First, because it features a newspaper report of ever hit you make after you do it. If you decide to run in and just shoot everybody, the newspaper will print this. The problem is, you’ll be easier to spot in your next mission when you do so. When you decide to go stealth however, the game becomes much more interesting. There are a variety of ways to kill your target. Knife, random item you find in the location, poison, piano wire, lead poisoning (bala sa ulo yokyokyok) and its up to you to be creative. May isang mission na target ko isang actor, yung pekeng baril ng costar niya pinalitan ko ng totoong baril so parang yung costar niya bumaril sa kanya, yokyokyok.

As said there are so many ways to finish one mission and there are different paths to take, you can go in the front door, the back door, the sewers, the cellars, the roof, use your imagination. The game is open ended enough to give you a lot of freedom to choose. As for me, I relish in finding that one perfect kill that nobody even notices me. Hard to do but totally worth it. Tapos nakalagay lang sa newspaper accident daw o death with natural causes.

All in All Hitman and its sequel Hitman: Blood Money is a series you would want to check out if you like the stealth action genre. It is totally worth your while. Pero kung ikaw yung tipong ayaw maghintay masyado, mag Tomb Raider ka nalang, sexy naman si Lara Croft eh. Kung ako tatanungin, masarap maging kalbo. yokyokyok

Graphics -10

Sound – 9

Gameplay – 9

Longevity – 9

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