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Highstreet5 Philippines Beta

If you like fashion, virtual living, music and a lot of dancing I’m pretty sure you’ll try this game out. Highstreet5 Philippines is going beta in a few days and it offers more than just a simple dancing game does.

The game itself offers very deep character customization from hairstyle, clothes and dance moves. Yung mga sobrang vain diyan na mahilig magdamit damit ng kung ano-ano bagay to sa inyo. Hair, tops, vests, jeans, skirts, bottoms, accesories, you name it. Customization is definitely the game’s strong point.

You ask about the dancing? Well its not just going to be a dance to the tune thing. You can dance just by yourself, with a partner or even in a group! It could be down an alley if you want to get that street dance punk effect or go for a more subtle dance hall. There are tons of choices and challenges. The moves displayed are pretty smooth too. They don’t feel and look blocky.

The game’s community support can also be noted. Sino hahanga sa mga giling at galaw mo kung walang manonood diba? It features a “megaphone” which you can use to “shout out” to the entire server. Yung mga mahilig mag love confession in public diyan, puede ito. They also offer a community database system where people can register and meet other HighStreet5 players.

The music, the most important part of any dancing game, is superbly chosen. The game features local asian artists to Black Eyed Peas. So you’ll be dancing to tunes you already know and can hear on the radio, not some unknown melodies from backwater composers. Walang midi lang dito yokyokyok.

If you love dancing and socializing at the same time, this game’s for you. We’ll give you updates on the game in the coming days including an interview with a representative from the game’s publisher EagleGame International.

You can check out more of the game’s details here HighStreet5 Phils

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