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HighStreet5: Beyond Gaming

HighStreet5 has successfully reached its 1st year anniversary with a bang. Despite stiff competition from other local game publishers, HighStreet5 remains popular among casual gamers.

Here’s a press release article distributed by EagleGame as they celebrate the first year anniversary of HighStreet5.

Building Relationships: One Dance Move at a Time in a Different Kind of Social Networking

By: Rio Encarnado, August 28, 2009

Multiplayer  online  gaming  is  available  worldwide  and  considered  as  one  of  the  most  affordable  forms  of entertainment  that one  can engage  in  this  time of  recession.  These  games bring  a new  level of experience  and entertainment which provides immersive virtual world to those who are engaged to it. Online games are known as the  user’s  virtual  lifestyle.  Despite  negative  inclination  due  to  abusive  game  play,  online  games  helped  in  the expansion of computer literacy and internet usage in the Philippines.

HighStreet5, being one of the most played casual games in the Philippines has its share of promoting proper game play and social responsibility among the young ones through its campaign against cyber pornography.  HighStreet5 also promotes camaraderie and fair game play through its numerous in-game activities.

As  the  fastest growing casual multiplayer online game  in  the Philippines, Highstreet5 built  its brand of providing only  the  latest  trend  in music,  fashion  and  street dance  steps worldwide.  Apart  from  its  fun  and  interactive  in-game  chat  and  in-game  web  cam  view,  HIghStreet5  built  its  own  social  network  community.  Through  the introduction of its latest innovative feature “HighStreet Friends,” users can now connect to the real world and their virtual world at the same time

Social networking, as the latest trend and means of meeting new people, has been a huge part of human evolution via  technology.  Integrating  such  tool enhanced HighStreet5  players  to be more  interactive  and  socially  inclined.

This provides users  the comfort of reaching out and getting  to know more of  their  in-game peers and  later  their best pals in the real world. By connecting both worlds’ (virtual and real), Highstreet5 became a gateway of several individuals  to  find  their  real  life  partners.  Players,  who  started  as  opponents  and  unfamiliar  with  other’s  real personality but enjoy HighStreet5,  became close and intimate both in-game and in real life as times goes by.

HighStreet5’s friendly and fresh virtual environment brought individuals closer together as they bond and create a much  stronger  relationship.Pippezz14  and  SIOUXCIE  are  just  one  of  the  few  couples who  found  their  life  living happily  ever  after  with  HighStreet5  acting  as  a  connection  between  them.  Brought  together  by  their  strong friendship which started in-game and with the aid of HighStreet5’s interactive features and offline activities, these couples are now  real  life partners  recently. Still  sharing  the  same  interest and as  they build  their  lives  together, HighStreet5 continues to inspire them as they inspire others setting themselves as examples to their fellow players.

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