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Grand Theft Auto IV PC Edition gets SECUROM

The controversial anti-piracy measure called SecuROM has given gamers a lot of problems in the past. Most recently it has spawned several online petitions, angry gamers and a lawsuit in its implementation. We’ve recently gotten word that the Grand Theft Auto IV PC Edition will get SecuROM.

GTA IV was released for the xBox360 and the PS3 only. Now that we’re getting a PC version, SecuROM and a whole load of requirements will come with it. To play the game you will need to install Games For Windows, Adobe Flash, Internet Explorer, SecuROM and Rockstar Games Social Club application.

“We invest a considerable amount of time and effort to release each title, and employ a large number of people in the process. Having copy protection allow us to protect the integrity or our titles and future investments,” Rockstar (GTA IV’s developer) told IGN.

It is a sad day indeed for Original purchasing gamers. They will have to wade through all of these to play a game while pirates will barely be detered.

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