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Enter the Toy Universe with ToyTopia: Match3, A Fresh Take on Match-Three Puzzle Games

Hey Pinoy gamers! Here’s some fresh gaming news for you: WEBZEN, a global heavy hitter in the realm of PC and mobile game development and publishing, just released its latest mobile puzzle game, ToyTopia: Match3, now accessible to Android users in selected regions, including the Philippines.

Developed by WEBZEN’s subsidiary, WEBZEN Cube Inc., ToyTopia: Match3 breathes new life into the match-three puzzle game format we’ve all come to love through classics like Bejeweled. With its unique twist of incorporating a delightful toy-building mechanic, ToyTopia: Match3 aims to cater not only to hardcore gamers but also to the casual ones, who make up a massive 58.86% of the global mobile gaming scene.

Bejeweled, the iconic match-three game, is well-known for its straightforward gameplay, where players swap gems to create chains of three or more of the same color. This causes the matched gems to disappear and new ones to drop in their place, offering a continuous loop of strategic gameplay.

But ToyTopia: Match3 takes it a step further by incorporating a delightful toy-building mechanic. This innovation caters not only to the hardcore gamers but also to the casual ones, who represent a staggering 58.86% of the global mobile gaming populace, giving them a new flavor of the match-three gaming experience.

In ToyTopia: Match3, not only are you matching items, but you’re also outsmarting villains across various strategic levels in an immersive toy world. Beyond the match-three mechanics, the game allows you to build and personalize your town using decorations and toy-themed characters.

As in Bejeweled, players advance by completing puzzles but ToyTopia: Match3 also rewards players with Stars, used to obtain additional toy-themed characters from the Dreamcatcher Machine. These characters can be placed in buildings to earn Coins, adding a layer of strategic city-building to the game.

Moreover, a daily login event is underway to honor the soft launch. Gamers can snag daily login rewards for seven days and partake in events to win exclusive toy characters in the game.

Right now, ToyTopia: Match3 can be downloaded on the Google Play Store in select regions including the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Philippines, and Thailand. iOS users, don’t worry – your version will be dropping soon!

Stay in the loop with ToyTopia’s community by following the game’s official Facebook page. Don’t miss out on the newest updates and ongoing events! Time to gear up, mga ka-Pinoy gamers, and step into the playful world of ToyTopia: Match3!

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