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E-Games to Release Runes of Magic

E-Games is set to release Runes of Magic here in the Philippines soon.

They have already prepared a teaser site which you may now visit at

The site offers no details as of yet except a date below of what might be the start of alpha release. Alpha release of a game is only for internal testing of e-games staff and review by the gaming press. If you’re lucky enough, you may want to try the Alpha test by registering at

Runes of Magic developed by Runewaker Entertainment of Taiwan is a pretty standard MMORPG. It offers the most basic of the basic for people who want to escape into a persistent world. The mentioned jobs above are as pure as they come. Warriors are the meat shields, Mages cast spells, Priests heal, Rogues are fast, Scouts use bows and Knights use heavy armor! Any noob will figure that out in less than a second.

Runes of Magic will be another free to play offering of E-Games.

Runes of Magic Overview

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