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Do it Yourself Aquarium PC

I was strolling at Virramall Greenhills years ago and spot a computer casing that resembles an Aquarium.  It has plastic fish swimming through the water located at the right side.  Yet today Puget System announced a radical approach of using your aquarium to house your system.  Actually through their DIY Aquarium Module, you’ll going to submerge your PC in mineral oil!

Yes you read that right, Puget made a DIY aquarium custom PC and used mineral oil to effectively dissipate heat out of your chips and at the same time totally reducing to null the noise generated by spinning fans.

The idea behind this is that mineral oil is completely non conductive therefore soaking your piece of hardware into it will not fry your board.  With the aid of a pump and external radiator, mineral oil will move across all your devices.

You cannot submerge your DVD and SATA drives though, of course since you cannot spin the disk and platter when soaked in liquid, much less oil.  Everything else can be submerge provided no moving parts is present.

Soaking your piece of hardware will of course void your warranty so if you submerge your PC then it’s permanent and it will not do you good if you later decided to return it to PC Option or PC Express to claim your warranty. Dont ever think of cleaning it because mineral oil is impossible to clean.

The system can be purchased in 2 separate pieces, the Aquarium module for simple cooling solution and the extra Cooling module for extreme overclockers.

The aquarium module contains all the parts necessary to mount your computer hardware in the aquarium. It would be the equivalent to your computer chassis. This system is capable of dissipating the heat of low end systems. You can purchase this for $312.50.

For high end systems (quad core CPUs, 8800GT and higher video cards), you need a radiator to help dissipate the heat. The cooling module pumps the mineral oil through an external radiator, which provides excellent cooling. We have verified adequate cooling with the most extreme hardware on the market today (Intel QX9770 CPU, 8GB DDR3-1600 RAM, NVIDIA GTX280 video card).  You can purchase this for $375.00.

Both module can be purchased at Puget System website.

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