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DemiGod Review

It was advertised to this editor that DemiGod is a game with fantastic graphic sequences in large scale maps. Also that the battles in the game are intense, large armies moving against each other in all its epic glory. I opened the box and installed the game with all this in mind. Taking pinch of salt now.

The game installed pretty easy, no complications there. Starting the game up you immediately feel that there’s something familiar about it, although you can’t quite put your finger on it. You are brought to a start console with single player, multiplayer and achievement options. Once you start the game up, there are no tutorials whatsoever, you are instantly put right into the thick of battle. Again, something oddly familiar.

You are made to choose one character amongst two sides, the side of the light and darkness. There are two groups of “DemiGods”, assassins and generals. Each Demigod plays differently from the other. As one may be faster and more agile the other is heavier but deals more damage. Each Demigod has special skills and abilities as well. You control these Demigods the way you would control a unit in a real time strategy game, simple point and click. There are item shops you can buy items from and you level up as you kill “minions” working for the other side.

There are game modes as well, domination and the assassinations. One is to control all the flags on the map, the other to get to a certain number of Demigod kills.

Its also important to note that there are “spires” or towers that bolt magical energy towards you and your minions which have to be destroyed if you plan on reaching your goals. Yet again, something oddly familiar.

We started our play and as we did killed two Demigods in quick succession, DOUBLE KILL! Suddenly it came to us. Tts DOTA! (yung di nakakaalam kung ano yung DOTA ewan ko sa inyo kung saang liblib kayo nakatira – DOTA or Defense of the ancients is a popular mod map to Warcraft III). It has more maps and more game modes but its DOTA!  Yes there are fewers characters (yung iba nga pare pareho ng tunog sa DOTA heroes!) but its still DOTA!

If Defense of the Ancients were developed solely as an independent game, we guess it would look just like this. It takes what’s good with DOTA and improves upon it with new game modes, finer graphics and bigger scale.

There are a few minor problems though. The “epic” battles weren’t there. The minions that spawn to aide you in your conquest are just small platoons, no armies to speak off. You can build your hero in anyway you choose as well in terms of their skills. However, the customizability of the characters dont matter much if you want to win. You will have to stick to a certain build if you want to dominate.

All in all if you like DOTA and don’t mind the serious RIP OFF, this is a good game to play with friends. Singleplayer is fun in itself but you’ll get bored after a while. Its a good game all on its own but nothing impressive. Gaya gaya parin sobra. At least the game’s developer admits that they were really making it more like DOTA.

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