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Countdown to Ubuntu 8.04 Official Release

Its just a matter of days before Canonical Ltd. releases the next upgrade of Ubuntu – The Ubuntu 8.04 – Hardy Heron. I myself am excited to try this new operating system, developed by the community that supports open source, and experience the numerous of improvements they made over the current version Ubuntu 7.10 – the Gutsy Gibbon – released last October 2007.

Features improved from 7.10

I am not yet familiar with this featurs but I’m sure whatever this is it will be beneficial especially to those who plan to migrate from Microsoft Windows XP/Vista OS to Linux. The improvements may also help your gaming experience especially the improvements they made on Xorg 7.3. I do hope that there will be a Gamma slider to increase gamma output of my aging monitor. Bleh, di ko ma enjoy ang Alien Arena na na download ko for Ubuntu because the environment is dark and the game itself doesn’t have gamma adjustment. I hope I could just search for the config file and adjust the settings there but I am no programmer and I am afraid I might mess things up. Other improvements are as follows.

You may download Ubuntu 8.04 Beta at their official website and test it. Maybe you could find more things to improve and help release a better operating system.

Note: Mabuhay ang open source!~

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