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Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 Review

Here’s a game that is not afraid to make fun of itself. We call know the over the top nature of Command and Conquer Red Alert titles in the past, tesla coils, obelisks of light. This time, everything is over the top, the units, the explosions, the characters and yes, even the factions. Giant robots anyone?

Red Alert 3 begins with a not so unique storyline. The Soviets are losing the war with the Allies and in desperation, decide to use their experimental time machine. They go back in time and kill Einstein, when they return, the world is changed. Problem is, without Einstein, there will be no nukes. Without nukes, Japan lives! Yes, The Empire of the Rising sun is a playable faction in RA3.

RA3 plays like any other RTS out there. In fact, it doesnt offer much innovation. What makes it unique is the complete exageration, (parang cartoony na nga minsan eh) of everything from weapons, storyline, graphics and even the acting! On a side note, RA3 doesn’t even need a supercomputer to run. A mid-range PC will do.

RA3 offers a new look apart from the other two Red Alert titles that came before it. It’s bright, has no visible attempt at scaling, and yes, over-the-top. Our verdict, fresh, unique and awesome. It feels like playing a Saturday Night Matine film (Parang B movie yokyokyok – kulang nalang si Lito Lapid nagpapasabog ng kotseng bulok). You know what, that’s what makes it awesome. If that’s not enough, RA3 offers another unique part of the gameplay, the cutscenes. The cast, composed of Holywood types such as Tim Curry and George Tekai (Yes, star trek Mr. Zulu – all your base are belong to us! woot~!), bring color to the game. And the women, oh boy. If anything, you will watch ALL the cutscenes for the ladies. (Drool on pics below)

As cartoony the graphics are, sound is right up there with it. The exageratted screams of horror make you laugh more than scare you. I especially like the electricity sound effect. The music follows RA3 tradition, heavy, compelling, exciting and makes you want to headbang while you play it, oldschool.

RA3 offers nothing new as said. However it improves on what’s already there, no holds barred. Units now have several other tweaks that make them more versatile in combat. Some launch troops, others transform into land from air units and others are just plain GIANT ROBOTS (man I love Japan). It is also interesting to note the enhanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) in this game. Brutal difficulty is, yes you guessed it, exceptionally brutal. If you want a challenge, this is for you.

RA3 does have some balance issues. Some superweapons are more powerful than others. And, there are units, that if mass produced, can become your entire army and no other unit is required. What RA3 lacks in innovation it makes up for with fun on multiplayer. You can go on cooperative mode and have a buddy help you in the campaign, or go head to head on LAN or over the internet. The versatility of the units makes for unexpected and outrageous gameplay. So, there is plenty of replay value.

Graphcis – 8

Sound – 8

Gameplay – 7

Replayability – 9

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