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Blizzard’s Angle on Diablo 3

07.02.08 A few days after Blizzard announced its new game Diablo 3, we see in the FAQ a few notable things regarding the new release. First, it will run on both Directx 9 and Directx 10.1. Did you guys read that? Directx 10.1. Not Directx 10. Nvidia (makers of the popular Geforce cards) does not support 10.1 only version 10. Only ATI supports 10.1! Perhaps the BEST visuals of Diablo 3 will come from ATI Radeon cards NOT Nvidia Geforces.

Also it can be noted that Blizzard will go for Intel physics instead of Nvidia’s Physx. Makes me ask, do they have something against Nvidia? Or they just opt for the better technology?

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