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Asus Unveiled Eee 1000HE Netbook (Update)

One thing that separates Asus from other netbook manufacturers is the longer battery life. The first netbooks they made were able to last around 7 hours or more. Compared that to MSI’s U90x which poorly reached a quarter of it, around 2 hours.

Now comes another netbook to satisfy your power efficiency requirement, the Eee 1000HE equipped with new Intel N280 Atom CPU which is a bit faster than N270 and is more efficient in energy consumption coupled with new chipset GN40 to replace paired with 945GSE. The new machine also uses a LED-backlit 10-inch LCD to help improve battery runtime.

Asus boasts that the new netbook can reach up to 9.5 hours in a single charge. The 1000HE is outfitted with ASUS’ Super Hybrid Engine, from where the “HE” is derived, allowing the user to control the speed of the CPU thus conserving more power when the CPU is trottled down.

Eee 1000HE Specification:

CPU: Intel N280 Atom CPU
Chipset: Intel GN40 Intel 945GSE
Memory: 1GB
HDD: 170GB Hybrid Storage (160GB HDD + 10GB file-encrypted Eee Online Storage)
OS: Windows XP
802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity
Bluetooth 2.0
Chiclet keyboard for easier typing
10.1″ LED backlit display
High-density battery (9.5 hours)
Asus Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) technology
Color: Fine Ebony Black and Blue

The 1000HE is available for pre-order now for $399 and ASUS is offering a $25 discount on pre-orders.

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