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America’s Army 3 Update

2009 will be a huge year for America’s Army—we’ll introduce our newest Real Hero, SGT Monica Lin Brown, deploy new Virtual Army Experience assets to events around the country, and, of course, roll out our all-new game: America’s Army 3. So to kick off the year in style, we’re giving you the latest scoop on AA3. Plus, we have some first-hand intel from COL Casey Wardynski, America’s Army project originator and director, and Erich Blattner, producer of AA3. To see what they have to say, visit the forums at and

AA3: Every Detail Counts

America’s Army 3 is a game like no other, because of its detailed level of authenticity. Designed, developed, and deployed by the U.S. Army, AA3 will feature realistic training and exciting missions that will test your skills as a virtual member of the world’s most elite land force.

Created on the Unreal 3 engine, AA3 will introduce new MOSs and feature new ways to preplan missions and specialized training that unlocks new abilities, new weapons, and new technologies.

AA3 will also highlight realistic aspects of Army life by featuring Soldier environments such as barracks, Army posts, and deployed environments. The game will allow you to progress through a true-to-life Army career, resulting in a more customized player experience. In addition, AA3 will offer players new insights into Army life while making the game easier to download, install, and play. Only the Army can bring you the most comprehensive and realistic first-person action, military-based game ever created.

Get Your AA3 Fix NOW

Check out our new Web site devoted to all things AA3:

Need more reasons to check out the site? Get a sneak peek of our upcoming graphic novel, written and illustrated by a covert AA team. You’ll get more intel than ever in this exclusive material. Episodic content will be released on the site throughout the year, giving you insight into the conflict, characters, and objectives of your new AA3 missions. You’ll gain useful information on different Army careers, training, and education critical to the Warrior Ethos and leadership on and off the battlefield. The graphic novel will only be found at

Return to the site often for the latest AA3 game release information, behind-the-scenes videos, trailers, and exclusive content that will be revealed as we draw closer to the release of AA3.

Take Your AA2 Gamer Name with you into AA3

In anticipation of the release of America’s Army 3, it’s time to pre-register your AA3 account. We’re cleaning house, so prime names that were reserved in the early days of AA2, and are no longer in use, are yours for the taking. Whether you want to keep your existing AA2 account or create a new
username, visit to secure your name. Fall in Soldier, the names are going fast!

Introducing the America’s Army Mentor Program (AAMP)

In what we believe to be an innovation in gaming, we have recruited some of the most skilled players from the America’s Army community to act as mentors for new players joining the game. Inspired by the teamwork and training integral to success in the Army, mentors will offer tips to new players, including basic “map survival skills,” affording players the best chance for success while operating as part of a team. In addition, mentors will be available outside of scheduled sessions to assist players who require additional instruction. Sessions will be conducted on official U.S. Army servers and concentrate on specific maps in which all players, both new and old, are welcome to participate.

Complementing the existing technical support available, both on America’s Army IRC (AAIRC) and the Forums, the AAMP will enhance the level of support provided to players and ensure that all members of the AA Community have the most enjoyable experience possible.

Keep an eye on the New Players Forum, and be one of the first to sign up and train with the best of the best.

Source: AA3 Site

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